It’s fair to say that spring 2021 has not exactly been warm, with many upland places in Wales getting a dusting of snow as late as early May. But warmer summer days are surely coming.

Of course, the summer weather is a great unknown in any year, despite the usual tabloid headlines about forthcoming heatwaves this week. But it should at least be hot enough not to need the heating on, even if it actually turns out to be damp and tepid for much of the time.

However, if you want to change your fire for something new and smarter, now is definitely the time to do it. This is certainly true when it comes to log burner fire installation.

After all, if you wait for the autumn and the return of cold weather, you will find yourself in a big hurry to make sure all is installed quickly and everything cleared away and then put back in place either side of the installation.

By doing this in summer instead, you can ensure you take plenty of time about it all, getting everything neat and tidy.

Log burners are, of course, a wonderful source of warmth and cosiness, and they can now be much more eco-friendly than before. New rules introduced a few weeks ago prohibited the sale of coal or wet wood for log-burning stoves, which means removing the fuels that produce high particulate pollution.

This has been enacted as part of the Clean Air Strategy, which ensures only cleaner stoves can be sold. If you have an old stove that does not meet the new standards, the summer will be the ideal time to replace it for the greener model before you are likely to be using it regularly again. 

So while nobody can be sure about the weather, you can be certain of having a wood burner in pace that helps the climate.