If you haven’t already, then it’s likely you’ve been considering putting the central heating back on now that autumn is in full swing. But it always leads to the inevitable arguments of some members of the household preferring to be cooler, while others want to feel toasty warm.

However, recent research has revealed that there are scientific differences between how men and women respond to temperature, reports iNews.

The results of the study suggest that women have a different sensory mechanism than men, and prefer warmer temperatures. It is believed that this is due to evolutionary development, with the differences tied to differences in metabolic rate.

It isn’t just humans either, as researchers at Tel Aviv University’s School of Zoology studied 13 different bird species and 18 different bat species and found that females preferred warmer temperatures while the males liked it cooler.

Dr Eran Levin, a co-author of the study, said: “Our study has shown that the phenomenon is not unique to humans; among many species of birds and mammals, females prefer a warmer environment than males, and at certain times these preferences cause segregation between the two species.”

He added that the researchers have hypothesised that the differences between male and female heat-sensing mechanisms have developed throughout evolution.

These findings correlate with a study in 2019, where 543 students were set tasks in different rooms at different temperatures and found that female students performed better in warmer rooms.

Seeing as men and women experience temperature differently, when is the ideal time to pop the heating on? While there’s no definite temperature at which you want to turn the heating on, many people aim for when the clocks go back, which this year falls on Saturday 31 October, so why not heat up your Halloween?

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