Everyone would love a spa-like experience in their bathroom, but that doesn’t have to mean the design is more feminine, as an industrial-styled bathroom can still provide the spa experience while boasting cool, industrial vibes.

If you’re looking for how to implement dark, industrial, and minimalist bathroom design for yourself, then we have some tips for you here.

Go for a matte black finish

A matte black finish can be effortlessly cool, and it allows you to choose statement accessories, fittings, and fixtures that will stand out in an industrial-style bathroom. Think about black or black and white tiles for floors and walls, as well as black sanitary ware for the ultimate cool industrial vibe.

Accessorise properly

With the foundation of your industrial design sorted, then you can further accentuate the aesthetics of the bathroom with matching accessories. This can include storage essentials, holders, hangers, lighting fixtures, and more.

Black bathtub

Going minimalistic with black and white is the key to mastering the industrial style. As well as black floors, and walls, you can also get a statement black-coloured bathtub to be the showstopper of your bathroom.

Add a few green plants beside it and get ready to flaunt a perfect bathroom.

Use decorative glass enclosures

Glass shower doors and enclosures can complete the appearance of a chic industrial bathroom, and they can add a voguish touch to your contemporary bathroom.

Hopefully, this will give you the inspiration you need to create an industrial-styled, minimalist bathroom for yourself, perfect for a modern city apartment.

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