For many homeowners, the bathroom is inevitably the room that is the last to be considered when renovating the house. A large proportion of bathrooms are small, windowless rooms designed for only one occupant at a time, and it can be an exciting challenge to turn our DIY attention to this room.

Your bathroom can make just as much of an impact on your home as any room in the house, whether it’s a simple fresh coat of paint, new bathroom cabinets, or a total refurbishment. For those wanting to update their bathrooms, we have a look at the latest trends for 2021.

Abstract Triangle Tile

The newest trends all focus on trying to make bathrooms busier and more visually stimulating. One-colour arrangements are gone, and new trends have inspired the use of different tile shapes, including triangular tiles, often used in clashing, contrasting colours and designs.

80s Square Tiling

Design can be cyclical, and previous eras’ design trends often come back, such as 80s nostalgia. The square black and white or single-coloured tiles familiar to the childhood homes of many 40+-year-olds have made a comeback, although it may be a bit garish for some people.

Natural Material for Bathtub Exteriors

With home design moving toward rustic styles and an emphasis on earthy textures, one of the top bathroom design trends we see in 2021 is the emergence of natural materials for bathtub exteriors. Bathtubs lined with wood panelling or stitched within wicker are elegant, pastoral additions that will catch the eye of your visitors.

Botanical Wallpaper

As with this year’s emphasis on natural finishes, bold botanical wallpaper is also a design trend to watch.

With tropical scenes, images of animals in trees, and depictions of flowers, the botanical wallpaper spreading like wildfire in the design world is anything but minimalist. If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, these bizarre additions are fun ways to show guests your wild side.

Whatever your bathroom renovation plans, it’s important that you get professional help for some aspects, such as plumbing or electrical. Why not take advantage of our bathroom plumbing service for your bathroom renovation?