The average gas boiler installed in a home these days can look far more complicated than ever, and like many other home appliances can be controlled by smart electronic systems and devices.

However, complexity does not always mean more boiler problems or faults, but just that the average user is wary about touching what looks like a complicated and strange machine. With summer here, and the ideal time to tackle any boiler and central heating issues, we have. Look at the top three boiler problems.

1. Pressure

One of the most common boiler problems has got to be around pressure. Most boilers need around 1.5 bar pressure in the system to work correctly. Without enough pressure, the boiler senses it will be unable to move hot water around the system, and lock out.

If you do top up the low water levels make sure you consult the boiler manual and do not leave the filler loop or cold feed in on otherwise that will cause the next issue – too much pressure.

2. Over pressurisation

This is the result of too much water in the system and is a common problem faced by homeowners when the boiler has not been used for a long time, as the cold water in the system expands, increasing pressure. You may also notice that the pressure release valve is dripping – which also shows that the pressure valve is working correctly.

3. Air in the system

Trapped air in the system is not good for radiators, components and boilers. It can cause the pumps that circulates the hot water to seize or cause the boiler to lock out. Thankfully, it can be remedied easily by bleeding your radiators.

If you’re finding these faults occur regularly, then it is a good idea to seek help from central heating plumbers to check there isn’t a larger issue that could cause bigger problems in the future. Get in touch today!