DIY retailer B&Q has revealed the weird and wonderful, and often unusual bathroom habits of UK adults, following a survey of 2,000 people.

According to The Independent, survey respondents have confessed to eating breakfast in the shower, drinking a cup of tea on the toilet, and have even made video calls from the bath.

For 42 per cent of respondents, the bathroom is a place to escape the chaos of the household and find some peace and quiet, and 55 per cent say they have taken an extra-long bath or shower to grab a bit more time to themselves.

Some of the common bathroom activities include sex, chatting on the phone, and writing to-do and shopping lists, and some people confessed to doing things in the bathroom that they’ve kept secret, such as eating or having a nap.

A common bathroom argument was also debated, with 82 per cent of people being particular about how the toilet roll is hung, with 67 per cent believing that the right way is with the paper hanging over the front of the roll, not behind.

The most popular routine for washing in the shower, according to 74 per cent of respondents is face first, followed by hair, arms and armpits. Also, 38 per cent claim to have some of their best ideas when having a shower or bath.

While for most people it is the kitchen, one in six respondents think the bathroom is the heart of the home, but a quarter of people are not happy with how it is decorated, and 37 per cent plan to renovate the bathroom soon.

The most popular improvements include changing the tiles, making the room appear larger, a fresh colour scheme, and one in five people would love underfloor heating.

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