Getting your boiler checked annually has many advantages, and it makes sense to ensure it has been checked and serviced before the winter months. We wanted to have a look at why summer is the best time to get your boiler checked.

With the government also looking to ban the installation of gas boilers in the next 15 years, it’s important to ensure yours is fully functional and will keep functioning for many years, so you are not faced with having to replace the entire system.

Here are three reasons to consider choosing a summer boiler service over having it assessed in the winter months.

1. Convenience

Heating engineers are typically quieter during the summer period because since boilers are not used as often during the warmer months, there are far fewer breakdowns than during winter. This means you are more likely to get an engineer to visit you at your convenience.

During the winter months, waiting times could be much longer, and appointments might not be as convenient for you.

2. Cost

There are also potential cost savings from having a summer boiler service. Engineers will be less busy and want to fill up their appointment diaries, and may provide discounts to keep continuously busy.

3. Efficiency

Your boiler’s efficiency will be checked as part of the annual boiler service. If your boiler is not running efficiently, it may use more fuel, resulting in higher fuel bills. The engineer will check the boiler’s efficiency, and corrections or repairs may be made or suggested if the boiler is not running optimally.

If you choose a summer boiler service, any efficiency deficits can be rectified before it’s needed for the colder months. This means you’ll have a more efficient boiler during the winter months, giving you access to potential energy savings, and potentially lower fuel bills.

Servicing your boiler in summer has many benefits and while the weather’s warmer it makes sense to book in a check. You could save money and find that you have a cosy, trouble-free winter.

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