We all know and dread the most obvious signs of plumbing problems in the home. Overflowing drains, bad smells and overflowing toilets are the last experiences any homeowner wants to deal with.

However, it is possible that you have an issue that needs the intervention of a bathroom plumbing service and not know it yet. Many problems with the pipes are hidden in the inner workings of the home and slowly build up.

Here are some secret signs that you have plumbing issues that need to be solved.

Unexpectedly Huge Water Bills

Naturally, if you know that your water use has increased over the summer, a larger bill is to be expected. However, if your bills are immense and you have not been filling up a pool, watering a lawn or constantly been running baths and showers, then something is amiss.

A burst pipe, leak or running toilet can add a huge amount to your bills, and it is important to know how to stop one if there is an issue.

Bubbling Ceilings Or Walls

Bubbles that develop in your wallpaper or painted walls are a sign of moisture build-up, which is commonly caused by a leaky pipe or leaking roof.

Investigating plumbing leaks can be difficult, and it is worth requesting the help of a professional if you are uncertain where the leak might be.

Slow Drain

If your sinks and plugholes take a long time to drain, it is typically a sign of a clog in the drainpipe, and depending on where you notice it can either be the sign of a simple blockage near the sink, or a larger problem in the sewer line, such as tree roots or leaves in a sewer drain.