When most people think about seasonal plumbing issues, they are often thinking about the havoc to pipes that a particularly frosty winter can cause.

However, the wonderful weather that the rapidly approaching summer months bring can also bring with it its own problems because we are using a lot more water in the garden, are washing clothes and showering more often and using more water than we would do at any other time of the year.

Here are the most common plumbing problems in the summer and how to sort them out.

Overloading Appliances

Over the summer months, we get a lot more use out of our washing machines and showers, simply because we need to wash ourselves and our clothes more often because of sweat.

However, this can in turn put a strain on our appliances and drains, increasing the chance of them getting overworked and breaking.

Stick to smaller loads in the washing machine and shorter showers, as well as checking your hoses for potential leaks.

Drain Blockages

Whilst this is also an issue in the winter due to lower temperatures, it can become particularly infuriating in the summer because the heat can make the smell unbearable.

Make sure to avoid putting wet wipes and other items in the toilet that can cause your drain to get blocked. As well as this, be very careful when disposing of oils, greases and coffee granules, as they can cause blockages as well.

Watch for leaves near your drain as well, as if there is are a lot of trees and bushes near your drain they can potentially block the drain as well and cause a major headache.

Pipe Leaks

The heat and excessive use of water can sometimes cause your pipes to expand and crack. Try to avoid using your water mains excessively and keep an eye on exposed pipes around your home.

If you have any worries or issues with your plumbing and heating services, get in touch today.