As important as they are to providing our homes with heat and hot water, central heating boilers can be unsightly, especially if they’re in a prominent place in the home.

However, if you’re thinking about how to conceal it from view to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen or whatever room it is located in, it’s essential it can still be easily accessed by yourself, or your landlord, and your central heating plumber so they can be serviced and maintained.

We have a look at how to disguise and hide an unsightly boiler so it blends in with your home, without risking your safety.

One of the best ways to completely hide your boiler and its network of pipes is to integrate it with your storage space, such as in a cupboard.

By either installing it in a cupboard or building your stair age space around it, it can still be completely accessible, as well as creating extra storage space. If DIY is not your forte, then a professional joiner can create bespoke cabinets and cupboards to help it blend into your space.

However, you must ensure that concealing your boiler in a cupboard is safe. All boilers will have specific requirements in the manufacturer’s guides relating to the appropriate space needed for ventilation and required access for servicing and repairs.

You will also need to make sure that the materials used to make the cupboard are fire safe.

It may be that the only option available is to relocate your boiler to somewhere else in the house, depending on your boiler type, and the plumbing situation in your home. You might find it can be moved out of living spaces to utility rooms, lofts, garages, airing cupboards, cellars and outbuildings.

Of course, this is never a DIY job and will need to expertise of a specialist gas safe boiler engineer, so always seek advice from a professional before making any decision.

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