If you haven’t paid much attention to your water usage, there are a few simple tips which can cut down on your bills, and also help to reduce the environmental impact of water extraction.

1. Cut down on shower time

This doesn’t necessarily mean take fewer showers (phew!), but to time yourself in the shower. A survey by the EST shows that people spend an average of 7.5 minutes in the shower. By setting a timer for four minutes, you will save thousands of litres of water a year.

Baths take up far more water than showers, so opt for a shower most of the time.

2. Check for drips and leaks

Have a look around the loo to check for leaks, and make sure that none of the taps in the household drip. It may not seem a very drastic problem, but a dripping tap can waste up to 15 litres of water a day, and a leaking loo or sink unit can waste as much as 400 litres a day. Make sure any problems are repaired as soon as possible to keep your water bill down.

3. Install a dual-flush toilet

A full flush of the loo takes about six litres of water. According to Water Wise, toilet flushing is responsible for 30% of household water consumption. A dual-flush loo gives you the option of using a full and half-flush, which takes no more than three litres of water.

4. Fill dishwashers and washing machines to capacity

It can be tempting to stick to a routine with your appliances, but by waiting until they have a full load, you will potentially save hundreds of litres of water a year.

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