You can save thousands of pounds by taking on some DIY jobs around the home. However, some tasks are definitely best left to the professionals.

The Sun reports that a third of homeowners have risked not only their own safety but those of other members of the household by performing tasks that should have been undertaken by a professional. We have a look at some jobs that are best left to professional tradesmen.

1. Plastering

Plastering is a very difficult and messy job. It starts to dry out as soon as it is mixed, and you really have to know what you’re doing, unless you want bumpy, uneven walls. A professional will finish the job quicker, and to a far higher quality than you can.

2. Electrics

‘Part P’ of the building regulations in England and Wales state that any electrical work must be carried out by a ‘competent person’, namely someone with qualifications relating to electrical installations.

Aside from the safety aspects, as faulty electrics can cause great harm or death, it can cost hundreds of pounds for a professional to put the work right. After the work has been completed, ask for an Electrical Installation Certificate. 

3. Plumbing

You might be able to change a tap or a washer, but for anything more complex, you need a qualified plumber. Get the job wrong, and you could have a major leak, causing significant damage to your home and contents.

Even jobs that are relatively simple for professional plumbers require a full toolbox and a good sense of a property’s entire plumbing system.

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